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Genetree eBiolab is established to focuse on serving the growing life science market. We supply instruments, reagents and plastic wares, general labware, pcr consumables, tissue culture consumables, as well as Taq Polymerases and restriction enzymes, complete BSL-3 consumables[N-95 mask, cover all suits, tissue papers, towels, UV eye glasses, nitrile powder free gloves etc.] to many academic institutions. We supply surgical garments and other consumables, diagnostic kits, rapid test kits to multi specialty hospitals, pathology clinics, diagnostic labs etc. To keep pace in this ever changing field, we have distributor agreements with companies which produce quality innovative and advanced products at reasonable prices. Whether your work is in a lab performing molecular biology techniques, tissue culture methods, genomics or proteomics research, we are confident we have most of the products you need.

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